Deer feeding

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Deer feeding

Postby squinne » Mon Nov 11, 2013 2:35 pm

Iately I have seen neighbors actually putting out troughs full of feed for the deer to feed on . I find this practice very disturbing and the people doing this uninformed. I wish to remind people that we are only a mile or 2 off the wilderness edge. This is Bear habitat whether you realize it or not. Once a bear gets into any food that it may discover , is a death sentence for the bear.. They will quickly become unafraid of people and actually defend the food site ... This will lead to the certain death of that bear and possibly injury to persons nearby... i have not seen bear problems here with the garbage and such , but every neighbor i have talked to has a story about bear sightings around this area. I also have first had experience and knowledge in the wilderness with bears , most of them NOT good.. they are unpredictable and will walk right over you for food.. just a little reminder ... Yes the deer are nice , but they walk through our yards and create issues , they should be out feeding with yogi the bear down by the river , but now they too have grown dependent on food here in our neighborhood ...
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